Exhaustion and Burnout

Many people live in a chronic state of exhaustion, reducing their ability to work and to enjoy life. Herbal medicine can help this.


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Treating Exhaustion and Burnout

Ruta graveolens can tonify and move Kidney Qi

Ruta graveolens can
tonify and move Kidney Qi


Jeremy will discuss a wide range of exhaustion disorders, together with their associated Chinese syndromes, for example:

  • burnout from overwork and stress
  • cardiac weakness
  • postnatal disorders
  • fear
  • severe anemia
  • mental dullness
  • chronic phlegm
  • recurring infection
  • lack of self-confidence
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • digestive weakness and malabsorption
  • liver weakness or multiple chemical allergies

Jeremy will discuss his special herb combinations to treat these 12 patterns, with modifications to meet changing situations.



Jeremy’s courses are unique, not just because of the many new concepts, but because they are practical. Here are some of the special features:

  • Unique integration of 3 medical systems
    - Western herb tradition
    - Chinese medicine
    - pharmacological and clinical research
  • New system of diagnosis and treatment:
    system of 4 Qi Imbalances and 5 Elements (4QI + 5E ) to simplify complex cases
  • Jeremy Ross Herb Combinations
    JRHCs are specially designed according to the principles of Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine
  • How to make individualized prescriptions using single herbs, herb pairs, and herb trios
  • Taste and try 9 exhaustion combinations
    learn the energetics of the herb by direct experience (voluntary)
  • Clinical training with 2 patients
    using 4QI + 5E (subject to patient availability)
  • Immediate prescribing
    practitioners can use the herb combinations as soon as they get back to their clinic




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