Books On Acupunture By Jeremy Ross

Jeremy Ross has written two of the most important textbooks on Chinese acupuncture: both published by Churchill Livingstone.


Acupuncture Point Combinations:
The Key to Clinical Success

Knowing how to create a balanced acupuncture point combination is crucial for successful treatment.


Principles of point combination

This book cuts through the confusion and difficulty that can be involved in point choice. Jeremy describes different styles of point combination, such as Five Elements or Extra meridians, and discusses when one style is preferable to another.


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Treating personality types

There is a special chapter on point combinations for ten personality types.

Point combinations for the main points of each organ system

This is the heart of the book. For each of the main points, there is discussion of the different Chinese syndromes for which it can be used, indications, with pulse pattern, and an example point combination.

Point comparison tables

It is essential to understand the differences between each point on the same meridian. Many point comparison tables are given for this.

Point combinations for diseases

There are 10 chapters on point combinations for some of the most common Western disorders.
For each disorder, the main Chinese syndromes are given, with detail of signs, symptoms, pulse, and tongue, and examples of point combinations.



Zang Fu: The Organ Systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine

This popular book has become one of the classic texts of Chinese medicine in the West.

The reason for the continued popularity of this book is its ability to make complex issues clearer, simpler, easier to understand, and easier to use in the clinic.

The Zang Fu, the organ systems, are the central core of traditional Chinese medicine. A thorough understanding of Zang Fu and the Chinese organ syndromes is vital to the successful practice of TCM.

This authoritative and instructive text provides that understanding by focusing on genuine TCM as it is taught and practiced in the People’s Republic of China today.


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Physiology, pathology, and point combinations

This book gives a clear understanding of the physiology and pathology of the organ systems of Chinese medicine, with details of syndromes and point combinations.

Clarifies difficulties and ambiguities

Exploration of ambiguities and apparent contradictions, and many excellent diagrams and tables assist a clearer and deeper understanding of this important topic.

An essential text

Zang Fu is an essential text for every serious student and practitioner of therapies, such as acupuncture, that are based on Chinese Medicine


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