40-Herb Clinic Wall Chart

This useful chart is designed to be used with Jeremy’s new book:

A clinical Materia Medica: 120 Herbs in Western Use.

It shows 40 of Jeremy’s favourite Western herbs: some of the most effective in the clinic.

This chart is currently in production, and more details will be posted as soon as the chart is ready.




The essential data for each herb, that makes the herb unique, has been distilled from Jeremy’s teaching into this attractive chart:

  • English name
  • botanical name
  • plant family

  • temperature
  • taste properties
  • organs entered

  • Western uses of the herb organized according to its Chinese actions



For each of the 40 herbs, we are pleased to present the elegant pen and ink drawings of Inken Töpffer.

These assist visual memorization and help identification of the herb.

Althea officinalis

Althea officinalis

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